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017I may be done with winter, but winter is not done with me.

Like an unwanted guest weeks after the party ends, winter keeps hanging around, saying it’s on the way out, making a little more snow, freezing the ground just seconds after the crocuses pop, and blasting the tender tips of tulips nudging out of the ground. Winter just doesn’t know when to leave.

010Today is the first day of spring, so screw you, winter. Go away. I’m about to call the garden police and get a restraining order on you.

006I need some sunlight to cure my cold. I need balmy weather to make people forget their problems and stay out of my office so I can work a normal eight hour day. I need to grow some seeds and lie in the grass. I need to wear sunglasses and t-shirts, not bulky sweaters and boots. This weather is unholy.

I want to watch the world melt. I want to breathe warm air that doesn’t come sharp and dry from a vent in the wall. I want bugs to swarm around me. I want to see a slime mold appear overnight and vanish just as fast. I want to be annoyed by the blinding light in the sky. I want to sweat and feel my frozen pores unclog and feel alive again.

002Winter, you are no longer welcome here. Pack your icy bags and be on your way. Shoo!