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Beauty matters, because it means saying yes to life, yes to the physical world. Cosmetic beauty says “no” to individuality, and because it says no, it is not beauty. Restrictive diets, repressive religions, all the things that say “no” to jouissance hide the beauty in the world under a veil. Seeing beauty starts with saying yes.

Beauty matters because it reveals the divine face behind all mundane masks.

Saying yes begins with saying yes to your Self, which is divine. What looks like yes on the outside is often no on the inside, and vice versa. Individuals have a responsibility to say yes to the Self, even when outsiders call a decision wrong, selfish, strange, or foolish. Beauty and fruition are a responsibility we each have, and we do not make the world a better place by affronting the Self. We do not make the world a better place by saying beauty doesn’t matter.

Without beauty, the world becomes thin and dry, a sort of crust without a filling, a title with no book. It’s our responsibility to bake the pie, to write the book. Beauty is the word become flesh. We need more beauty in the world.

And if beauty matters, I can feel proud I spent all day in the garden and shirked all my day-off chores. Yes, I do. I feel good about it.